Light Rail And Concrete Replacement To Impact South Hills Transit Riders For A Month

Jul 25, 2019

South Hills transit riders can expect delays for about a month as the Port Authority of Allegheny County replaces light rail tracks and pavement. Work will begin Friday and end Aug. 22.

About 480 feet of light rail and concrete will be replaced, according to the authority. Crews will work 24-hour shifts to finish the project as quickly as possible. Spokesperson Adam Brandolph said the construction will impact about 10,000 weekday and 5,000 weekend T riders.

“That’s our entire light rail system,” Brandolph said. “And about 5,000 weekday and 2,000 weekend bus riders.”

The T won’t stop at Station Square. Instead, it will run through Allentown to First Avenue and a bus will shuttle people to the South Side. 

The detours are quite extensive and we anticipate that delays are going to be fairly significant,” Brandolph said.  

Several South Busway stops will be affected, including at South Hills Junction and Station Square, as well as East Carson Street at Smithfield Street. There will be an added stop at the Wabash Tunnel Ramp at the Monongahela Incline. 

A full list of detours can be seen at the Port Authority website.