‘Miss Audie’ Hart, Volunteering at the Neighborhood Academy

Oct 10, 2014

“Miss Audie” Hart
Credit Debbi Casini Klein / 90.5 WESA

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“Miss Audie” Hart has been volunteering for more than five years at the Neighborhood Academy in Garfield. It is a private nonprofit college prep high school that serves at-risk youth. A majority of these students come from single-parent homes and have financial difficulties. But rain or shine, twice a week, Miss Audie is there.

“Miss Audie plays so many different roles to our students and staff,” said Ronika Frank-Grey, director of Administration at the Academy. “She is the Neighborhood Academy’s mom, grandmother to some of our students, and mom to the staff, including myself. She comes in even during the summertime when the students are off and she volunteers her time. She is an ear when you need to talk.”