National Tree Expo Comes To Pittsburgh

Nov 8, 2015

Credit Flickr

Arborists from around the nation will convene in Pittsburgh for the Tree Care Industry Expo, at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center from November 12th through the 14th.

Peter Gerstenberger, Tree Care Industry Association safety advisor, said the expo is usually held in a city east of the Mississippi River, because that is where the majority of the nation’s tree cover is, but the expo includes information valuable to arborists all over the nation.

“Regardless of where you’re engaged in the tree-care profession, your needs, your interests, your concerns, are the same,” Gerstenberger said.

He said they will talk about various timely issues that are currently affecting trees throughout the region, such as the invasive Emerald Ash Borer.

“This one little insect is just devastating the populations,” he said. “Thankfully, there are control measures. There are actually larger eradication programs underway, so we’ll be talking about that and similar types of pests and other problems that trees have.”

The beetle is currently present in 57 of Pennsylvania’s 67 counties, and the species can kill an Ash tree in three to four years, according to the Pennsylvania department of Conservation and Natural Resources.

He said the expo is focused on professional tree caretakers. But he added homeowners who want to know how to best take care of trees on their property can educate themselves.

He said this includes knowing what species of trees they have and what types of problems are commonly associated with them, but ultimately, he suggests homeowners seek professional assistance in treating any tree disorder.

According to Gerstenberger, arborists first became interested in preserving trees because of their aesthetic benefits, but they offer many environmental benefits as well.

“They’re pulling carbon dioxide out of the air, they’re air purifiers, so to speak,” he said. “Trees aid in erosion control and reduce sunlight penetration onto surfaces so that they reduce what we call the heat island effect.”

More information about the expo can be found on the Tree Care Industry Association’s official website.