A New Municipality In Antietam Valley?

Sep 30, 2014

Mount Penn resident Jeff Motes lobbed a ball at the dunk tank target (and subsequently soaked his niece). He says a consolidation between Mount Penn and Lower Alsace would be 'great for the kids. The borders are so close, sharing resources would be a good thing.'
Credit Kate Lao Shaffner / WPSU

Pennsylvania has more local governments than any other state except Texas and Illinois. There are some downsides to this, including the inefficiency and expense of duplicated services, and the potential for competition among municipalities.

State law allows municipalities to consolidate or merge, but it doesn't happen all that often because the process can be fraught with tension. But two communities in Berks County are trying to give it a shot— this November, residents will vote on whether they should consolidate and form a new municipality.

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