Oct. 17-23 Explained: COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution, Eviction Court & Local Police Reform Efforts

Oct 23, 2020

On this week’s Explainer:

The City of Pittsburgh’s Police Reform Task Force released its recommendations this week. WESA’s Ariel Worthy reports the group was formed in the wake of protests over police violence and misconduct, and the controversial “less lethal” crowd control tactics that local law enforcement used in response.

WESA’s Kate Giammarise recently spent some time at eviction court, talking with tenants, attorneys, judges and advocates. While the Trump administration may have ordered a halt to certain evictions during the pandemic, she reports eviction proceedings are still making their way through the courts.

Experts agree that an effective and safe coronavirus vaccine is the key to ending the pandemic. WESA’s Sarah Boden explains how the process for distributing flu vaccines, an annual event, could inform the rollout of a coronavirus vaccine.

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