Pennsylvania's business climate: the good, the bad, the strange

Feb 24, 2015

Florida Governor Rick Scott visited Pennsylvania this week in an effort to lure business to his state.
Credit Gage Skidmore / flickr

Florida Governor Rick Scott came to Philadelphia this week to meet with company heads, to try to lure business to the Sunshine State. Scott campaigned on the promise of growing private sector jobs in Florida and one of his tactics has been to visit other states – including California, Illinois, and Maryland – to recruit job creators.

Former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell said it’s a bit unusual for a governor to show up like Scott did in Philadelphia “but it is not unusual at all for that state government to make calls into other businesses to urge them to relocate into their state. I did it very very often when I was governor.” States, and even municipalities, are competing for companies everyday. 

But a call from a governor is rarely enough. In fact, there’s a whole industry around helping companies decide where to locate. Siting consultants evaluate factors like labor, logistics, taxes and government incentives. So how does Pennsylvania fare?

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