Pittsburgh Explainer Introduces A New Podcast From 90.5 WESA

Nov 13, 2020

This week on Explainer we have something a little different -- the introduction to a new podcast called Land & Power.

In 2015, residents of the Penn Plaza apartment buildings in Pittsburgh learned that they’d have to leave their homes to make way for a new development. The news arrived like a pronouncement: this neighborhood, East Liberty, isn’t for you anymore.

Some people were afraid.

Some people were angry.

And some people were ready to fight.

They weren’t just fighting for their homes. They were fighting for the future of East Liberty, and Pittsburgh.

From 90.5 WESA, Land & Power looks at the history of this development with host Margaret J. Krauss.

Pittsburgh Explainer host Liz Reid edited the podcast, which launches Monday, Nov. 16.