Police Investigating Seditious Graffiti At Pennsylvania Church

Dec 6, 2016


Graffiti bearing upended crosses and "666," the biblical mark of the beast, appeared below the steeple at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Manheim Township sometime before Sunday. Church officials said it's the first attack of its kind of the congregation.
Credit Google Maps

Police are investigating allegedly Satanic graffiti spray-painted onto a central Pennsylvania church.

The vandalism included the digits "666" and upside-down crosses sprayed on the cupola above the roof of the Westminster Presbyterian Church in Lancaster County's Manheim Township, about 40 miles southeast of Harrisburg.

The graffiti was discovered Sunday afternoon.

Pastor Michael Rogers said the church has never experienced anything like this. It appeared to be the work of "somebody stupid with something to get out of their system," he said.

The painter would have had to climb about 40 feet above ground to reach the structure, which protrudes from the roof just beneath the church's steeple.