Republican Candidate In 14th Congressional Race Would Vote To Repeal And Replace ACA

Oct 11, 2018

Health care is one of the dividing issues between Guy Reschenthaler and Bibiana Boerio, the two candidates hoping to become the U.S. Representative in the new 14th Congressional district.

State Senator Guy Reschenthaler has campaigned largely on jobs, immigration and the opioid epidemic. While the Republican has rarely brought up the Affordable Care Act on the campaign trail, his Democratic opponent Bibiana Boerio has focused much of her campaign on health care and said she wants to make the current system better with the eventual goal of universal coverage.

On Thursday, Reschenthaler said he would vote to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act if elected this November. Reschenthaler says he would make sure that coverage continues for those with pre-existing conditions.

“I think that we can strengthen the decision-making process with doctors and patients by bringing in free-market-style principles like health savings accounts,” said Reschenthaler. He didn’t say whether or not he would vote for a repeal if a replacement wasn’t ready to go, but emphasized his commitment to keeping coverage for pre-existing conditions. “And I would never vote to strip that away.”


In a recent campaign ad, Boerio contradicted the Republican’s commitment, saying, “Guy Reschenthaler supports cutting coverage for people like mom.” Boerio has criticized efforts to destabilize health care.

Court-ordered redistricting made the 14th into one of the most conservative districts in the state. The district includes Fayette, Greene, Washington and most of Westmoreland counties.