Robert Morris President-Elect Ready To Consult And Collaborate

Sep 16, 2015

It's hard to imagine Robert Morris University finding a better individual to fill the school's vacant presidency than Christopher Howard. The Air Force Academy and Harvard Business School graduate and Rhodes Scholar is a decorated veteran of the war in Afghanistan. In 2011, President Obama named him to the National Security Education Program Board. Howard spoke to Essential Pittsburgh’s Paul Guggenheimer from Waco, Texas and shared his plans for the future of the university.

When he was considering the position, Howard says Robert Morris’ resume impressed him immediately.  He cites the ongoing improvements to the school’s academics and athletics, saying he felt the university’s “best days were ahead of them.”

Regarding his approach the rising cost of tuition, Howard says he’ll dedicate his time to ensuring students and parents that the education they receive at Robert Morris will make them job-ready and provide them with the tools they’ll need to be find a career in the current market.  He hopes to reach out to alumni whose education at Robert Morris allowed them to succeed and invite them to donate to the school so future students can afford an education.

Howard says he wants to become a student of the university and an active member of the community.  He intends to collaborate with Robert Morris administrators, students and faculty from the beginning to ensure he’s constantly working to move the school forward.  

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