Ruth Ann Dailey, Beautifying Her Neighborhood

May 30, 2014

Ruth Ann Dailey
Credit Debbi Casini Klein / 90.5 WESA

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Up until about five years ago, East Deuschtown was peppered with vacant lots, dilapidated houses and was a haven for drug dealers.

Now its landscape has changed dramatically, and a great deal of that metamorphosis can be attributed to Ruth Ann Dailey, mother of three, who traded suburban living for the urban life on the North Side.

“I was living in a ‘McMansion’ in a nice neighborhood, and then I started attending a church down here on the North Side. I felt adrift. I didn’t feel that I was living with a purpose,” Ruth Ann said.

She found that purpose to leave suburbia and help revitalize a depressed town. Ruth Ann bought a run-down building that was once a shoe polish factory and renovated it. But she didn’t stop there.