'Saints Tour' Journeys Through A Braddock Both Real And Re-Imagined

May 28, 2015

Credit Courtesy Dorey Whealan

The Saints Tour is a fiction inspired by, and then layered on to real places, and sometimes real people. Playwright Molly Rice creates this fictional history of Braddock around characters she calls “saints.”

“What’s special about saints is they are not angels,” Rice said. "They’re people who just did more.”

The theme is that “saints” are all around us, doing good deeds even if we don’t notice them.

This is a theatrical presentation which takes the shape of a bus and walking tour. A “tour guide” allows all the many parts … characters, visual art, performance art … to work together. The audience is encouraged to participate at several points, and by the tour’s end they will have seen Braddock in ways they never could have imagined.