Snow and more snow leaves some sidewalks unshoveled

Mar 5, 2015


Credit (Lindsay Lazarski/WHYY)

Cities are working hard to plow snowy streets. Sidewalks are an additional challenge. Property owners are generally responsible for clearing walkways and some cities issue fines for uncleared sidewalks.

But Reading has stopped fining residents for not shoveling snow from their sidewalks. Why? Because Reading Public Works crews haven’t been able to clear the mess from the 100 city-owned properties, either.

In Pittsburgh, Director of Public Works, Mike Gable, said crews are out plowing streets and putting down salt, and he expects sidewalks in parks to be cleaned. But beyond that, he said, it could be difficult because the city owns thousands of properties. “The magnitude of city-owned sidewalks is pretty huge. I’m not sure we can get to all of those, but we’re going to do what we can,” Gable said.  

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