'Something Deeply Magical' About The Franchise: NPR's David Greene On His Love Of The Steelers

Jan 16, 2018

The Steelers ended the season earlier than many fans were hoping for, with a 45-42 loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars Sunday, and one person who was definitely paying attention was NPR Morning Edition host David Greene.  

Greene spent just six years of his childhood in Pittsburgh, but still considers Pittsburgh to be his home and the Steelers to be his team. He spoke to 90.5 WESA's biggest sports fan, Kevin Gavin, about how his time in Pittsburgh shaped parts of his life.


Interview highlights: 

Saturday, Dec. 23 marked the 45th anniversary of Franco Harris’ Immaculate Reception. It happened four years before Greene was born, but it still had a big impact on his life:

"I moved to Pittsburgh in 1980. I was in a city of champions. That was part of the lure and part of the glory that it was this reassurance that you are part of something special." 

On his early connection with the Steelers:

"There is something so deeply magical about the Roon​eys and about Chuck Noll and this franchise." 

Greene spent his early childhood years in Pittsburgh after moving from Philadelphia, absorbing and sharing his mother's passion for the Steelers

"It was her obsession with football. She had a bookie; she bet a lot [chuckling]. I hope I'm not going to taint  her legacy when I say that. Her life was football every Sunday and being in Pittsburgh and sharing that with her, we kind of became fans together which was pretty cool."

David has also lived in Philadelphia, Washington, Baltimore, Boston and Los Angeles but has never transferred his allegiance.

"It's never crossed my mind; the connection is that intense.  It's not that there aren't other good sports towns out there, it's just never been a temptation."