Sophie Levitt, Making a Difference Through Technology

Feb 7, 2014

Sophie Levitt

Read and listen to a story about Sophie Levitt as part of a series honoring the individuals who make a difference in people’s lives: 90.5 WESA Celebrates People Making a Difference.

Eleven-year old Sophie knew she wanted to do a bat-mitzvah project that would make an impact on children’s lives. Thoughts of her cousin Marla, who is also 11 years old and has autism, sparked an idea.

Marla has an iPad which has been a great entertaining and learning tool for her.

“She uses an iPad at home to look up recipes because she likes to cook,” Sophie said. “And then at school she uses it to learn. IPads keep her calm and help her to learn differently than the teachers.”

Her close relationship with her cousin lead to her creation of “Electronics for Autism,” and she began raising money to buy iPads to for kids with autism.