Speaking Volumes: Eric Shiner

Feb 25, 2013

Warhol Museum director Eric Shiner loves memoirs, manga, and the books of John Waters.
Credit Andy Warhol Museum
Warhol Museum director Eric Shiner's reading interests are eclectic in a way that Andy would surely appreciate.

 Grace Coddington, Grace   Beautiful. Willful. Charming. Blunt. Grace Coddington’s extraordinary talent and fierce dedication to her work as creative director of Vogue have made her an international icon. Known through much of her career only to those behind the scenes, she might have remained fashion’s best-kept secret were it not for The September Issue, the acclaimed 2009 documentary that turned publicity-averse Grace into a sudden, reluctant celebrity. Grace’s palpable engagement with her work brought a rare insight into the passion that produces many of the magazine’s most memorable shoots.  -Random House    John Waters, Role Models   Here, from the incomparable John Waters, is a paean to the power of subversive inspiration that will delight, amuse, enrich—and happily horrify—readers everywhere.   Role Models is, in fact, a self-portrait told through intimate profiles of favorite personalities—some famous, some unknown, some criminal, some surprisingly middle of the road. From Esther Martin, owner of the scariest bar in Baltimore, to the playwright Tennessee Williams; from the atheist leader Madalyn Murray O’Hair to the insane martyr Saint Catherine of Siena; from the English novelist Denton Welch to the timelessly appealing singer Johnny Mathis—these are the extreme figures who helped the author form his own brand of neurotic happiness.  -Macmillan    Yoshito Usui, Crayon Shinchan   Sometimes called the Bart Simpson of Japan, cartoon character Crayon Shinchan has his own TV show and manga series. Readers shouldn't be fooled by the flat line drawings and the cover's primary colors, or by the innocent-looking little kid, because five-year-old Shinchan relentlessly sasses the adults around him and pulls perverted pranks that would make even Bart blush.   -Publishers Weekly