State, Local Police Partnering to Crack Down on Aggressive Driving along Route 30

Jul 15, 2013

Since 2008, there have been nearly 10,000 automobile crashes with 96 fatalities statewide along Route 30.

The Pennsylvania State Police are partnering with municipal police departments to initiate a crackdown on aggressive driving along Route 30.

State police spokesman Adam Reed, said the Highway Enforcement of Aggressive Traffic initiative, or “HEAT on 30,” will span Pennsylvania’s Route 30.

“All law enforcement agencies along Route 30 are going to be focusing their traffic enforcement efforts along Route 30 during this time period,” Reed said. “So it’s certainly not going to be unusual to be driving down and see a police vehicle parked along Route 30 or see someone stopped.”

Police will turn up the “HEAT” through July 19, looking for speeding, tailgating, running red lights, improper lane changing and distracted driving.

Pennsylvania’s anti-texting law will be strictly enforced, according to Reed.

Reed said “HEAT on 30” is an effort to keep death tolls along the 324-mile long stretch of road at zero this week.

“It is a five-day traffic safety enforcement initiative by all of our departments to keep Route 30 fatality free and to make it as safe as possible,” Reed said. “We’re going to be taking a zero tolerance approach to any traffic violations along Route 30 during this time.”

Reed advises drivers to stay calm and keep it slow while on the road this week.

“Please don’t hurry,” Reed said. “Hurrying is what leads to distracted driving and aggressive driving violations. So, if you have somewhere to be, just leave a couple minutes ahead of time and take your time and be patient.”