The State of PA's Bridges, Part 2: Rebuilding Them Faster

Dec 9, 2014

The concrete piers (walls) on this bridge over the Swatara Creek in Middletown took weeks to harden and strengthen. Under the state's new program, the construction team will be able to put a pre-fabricated pier together in days.
Credit Keystone Crossroads

This is the second story of a three-part series on the state's bridges.

Twenty-three percent of Pennsylvania's bridges are structurally deficient, and many need to be replaced. But between permitting, design, and construction, building a new bridge takes years.

That's why the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation is trying to speed things up.

Traditionally, PennDOT hires companies to replace its bridges one or two at a time. Now, it's trying something different: hiring a team of private contractors to replace hundreds of state bridges really quickly. It's called the Rapid Bridge Replacement Project.

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