Staying Fit While You Sit, New Reasons Not to Slouch at Your Desk

Jan 22, 2015

Credit / Flickr


Headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome and joint pain are some work related injuries sending people to the chiropractor. What can be done to create a healthier work environment and reduce sick days?

Chiropractor Dr. Justin Foltz of Pittsburgh Physical Medicine tells us about the newly developed Fit While You Sit program.

Foltz explains that many people are missing work due to a variety of different pains which is affecting their mind set while they work. As humans, we are not meant to sit for long periods of time and need to minimize this down time to prevent stress on the body which, can lead to pain.

Sitting properly and standing more frequently during the workday will make a huge difference on the stress of your body, says Foltz. Some businesses are incorporate standing workstations to minimize the amount of time the body is in one certain position. If you give your muscles a break, they will reward you.

Foltz gives a few quick tips from his program:

You want to have your knees slightly elevated above your hips to take the pressure off the back of your legs. Also, you don’t want to be slouching. You want to extend your back and feet out in front of you. You can reach down in front you to stretch out your lower back. By elevating your wrist with a pad, it take the stress off at a certain angle.