Stressing the Importance of Transportation Funding

Nov 5, 2013

The "City of Bridges" is having some problems finding funding to repair some its famous spans.
Credit Heather McClain / 90.5 WESA

Pittsburgh is sometimes known as the city of bridges, but without additional funding, bridges in disrepair are likely to be weight-restricted and mass-transit systems will have to scale back projects.

This month, legislative leaders are reportedly continuing discussions about transportation funding in the commonwealth and hope to map out a proposal that could be voted on by mid-November.

Associated Press reporter, Marc Levy, explains that a bill was passed in early June by the Senate, but since then no significant action has occurred to continue this bill in the House of Representatives.

A major concern with the hold up of this legislation is the possibility of a bridge collapse. Another fear is that businesses may leave the area due to poor infrastructure, and the congestion that affects daily commutes and delivery services.