The Supreme Court: What cases will be heard this term?

Oct 9, 2014


Credit David / Flickr


The 2014-2015 session of the Supreme Court began on Monday. The court wasted no time in making news by refusing to rule on same-sex marriage. There are a number of other issues on the docket including first amendment rights in the digital age and whether to hear a challenge to the affordable care act. The current term also marks John Roberts’ 10th year as chief justice. Joining us for an overview of the cases the Supreme Court could be ruling on is University of Pittsburgh Law Professor David Harris.

In this upcoming SCOTUS term, some topics that will be heard include: the 4th Amendment questions regarding police search and seizure, reproductive rights issues about pregnancy and employment (Young vs. United Parcel Service), religious rights for prison inmates (Holt vs. Hobbes) and the Affordable Care Act.