Taking Advantage of the Homestead Tax Exemption

May 29, 2013

Why are so many Pittsburgh homeowners not taking advantage of the Homestead tax exemption?
Credit Mark Knobil / Flickr

In Allegheny County Homestead tax exemption is a tax break that deducts $85 from every homeowner's property tax bill. It's a useful bit of financial relief for many area homeowners. But residents in Pittsburgh's poorer neighborhoods, where the deduction could be most useful, are not taking advantage of the exemption. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette's Andrew McGill has reviewed the situation and says, "Amid all the hubbub over re-assessments, I was surprised more people weren't aware of it, and how this lack of awareness is split along income lines."

Guest: Andrew McGill Pittsburgh Post Gazette Reporter and Demi Kolke, a community organizer at Operation Better Block