Top Pennsylvania Senator Vows Action In State's Cash Crunch

Sep 14, 2017

The Pennsylvania Senate's Republican majority leader is pledging fast action following the House's passage of a plan to help plug state government's $2.2 billion budget gap almost three months into the fiscal year.

Sen. Jake Corman said in a statement late Wednesday night that senators recognize the situation's urgency. Thursday is the last day that Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf says his administration has enough cash to pay bills on time until the spring.

Corman's statement came after House Republicans passed a no-new-taxes plan to "sell" future state revenues for $1 billion up-front and divert some $600 million from off-budget programs, including mass transit and recycling.

The Senate passed a competing plan in July that included $1.3 billion in borrowing and a $500 million-plus tax package. Wolf supports the Senate's plan and opposes the House's plan.