U.S. Senator Bob Casey On The Incoming Biden Administration

On today's program: U.S. Senator Bob Casey reflects on the Capitol insurrection, the presidential inauguration of Joseph Biden, and upcoming legislative priorities for the U.S. Senate.

Senator Bob Casey looks to address coronavirus, jobs, and child welfare this session
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Former Vice President Joseph Biden will be sworn in today as the President of the United States. He’ll have a Democrat-controlled House and Senate ready to enact legislation. 

Democrat Bob Casey, the senior U.S. Senator from the commonwealth, says the biggest issues on the incoming administration’s plate are COVID-19 and the economy.

However, he believes the U.S. Senate should take action in the aftermath of the insurrection by a pro-Trump mob in January 6. Casey says legislative policies also need to acknowledge a growing domestic terrorist threat. 

“You know we have this image of terrorism as just some foreign actor who comes in as some part of an extreme movement in another country, but if you listen to what the FBI has been telling us for years, the most significant threat to our homeland is domestic terrorism and white nationalism.”

In a press release, Senator Casey called for the “impeachment of President Donald Trump and accountability for members of Congress” who sided with him, attempting to reject the results of the November election. 

“I don’t think there’s any question that the minimum that should happen with regard to Senator [Josh] Hawley  and Senator [Ted] Cruz should be censure,” explained Casey. “I haven’t done a vote count, but I think censure at least would have a lot of support.”

“How can you say that your own election was just fine, and the presidential election was full of fraud? That’s just a lie.” 

Casey also hopes to advance his legislative agenda, including what he calls “a Marshall plan for our children.”

Such a plan would ensure freedom for children to learn, be healthy, be economically secure, have food, and be safe from harm. 

“If we guaranteed that by policy and by law to every child in America, we would solve an awful lot of economic problems down the road,” says Casey. 

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