Wet Weather Lashes Western Pennsylvania, And More Is Expected

May 30, 2019

Rain and storms assailed western Pennsylvania this week. Pittsburgh has gotten more than 5 inches of rain this month, approaching the May rainfall record of 6.6 inches, recorded in 1858.

"The Department is dealing with a lot of different issues, ranging from roads closing due to flooding to landslide situations and downed trees and utilities" said PennDOT press officer Steve Cowan. "It's really keeping our maintenance staff busy."

A flash flood warning for all of Western Pennsylvania remains in effect until 11 p.m. Thursday.

National Weather Service meteorologist Lee Hendricks blame a slow moving cold front for the back-to-back storms. Rain is expected to hold off Friday, but will be back on Saturday.

"So we're not really going to get much of a chance to dry out here before the beginning of the week," Hendrick said.