Winter Off To A Mild Start, But Pennsylvanians Should Still Prepare

Dec 21, 2015

Emergency officials are urging Pennsylvanians to be prepared for severe winter weather, even though winter has been mild so far.
Credit Quinn Dombrowski / Flickr

The weather outside may not be frightful, but it likely will be at some point in the coming months. The winter has been off to a very slow start in Pennsylvania, but state officials are still reminding residents to be prepared in case of extreme weather.

Officials with the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency are urging people be sure they have basic necessities on hand.

“Things that many people don’t think about," Director Richard Finn said.

Beyond food, water and warm clothing, Finn suggested phone and computer chargers compatible with car cigarette lighters.

"Unfortunately power outages are a significant side effect of winter storms,” he said.

The National Weather Service is forecasting a warmer than usual winter with less precipitation, but Finn said that doesn’t mean there won’t be the occasional winter storm wrought with frigid temperatures and snow.

Finn asks the public to imagine they'll be alone for at least 72 hours. How can you prepare?

“A severe storm comes through, a tornado comes through, and they have to be in their house and there’s no heat, there’s no power,” said Finn. 

Have a stock of medicine, a basic tool kit, blankets, hats, gloves and other items like first aid kits and flashlights at home and in vehicles, he said.

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