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Fallingwater App Now Avaliable

Ever wonder if there was a way to carry Fallingwater in your pocket all the time? Now you can have interactive photos and videos of Frank Lloyd Wright's masterpiece on your smart phone and in your hand.

The Fallingwater app was developed by in-D media, a multimedia company, for the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy, which owns Fallingwater. The app includes 275 color photos, 17 virtual reality panoramas, and 25 minutes of video.

Linda Wagner, director of Fallingwater, said one of the most fascinating things about the app is its interactive content.

"There are 'hotspots.' For example, you have a site map and there are 'hotspots' on the map, and really loads of them," said Wagner. "You press on them and then you get a view from that spot. And in some cases, inside the house, you can actually do a panorama. There are some of the hotspots you can just go all around the room."

The app is available for $4.99 on smart phones and $9.99 on tablet devices from the iTunes store and through an architecture website.

"There are many books on Fallingwater that will cost a great deal more than this," said Wagner. "But I think, just for the archival photographs, for the interactive tour alone, it's a terrific value."

She said the app provides people a great way to relive the experience of visiting Fallingwater and examine more closely what they may have missed.