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Speculation Grows on AdultBasic Court Case

A recent opinion handed down by the Commonwealth Court could signal problems with the way the state eliminated its low-cost health insurance program last year. A group of former enrollees of AdultBasic sued over how it was set to zero. Legislators used a provision in a budget-related bill called the "fiscal code" to make the change.

The court hasn't heard that case or ruled on it, but the opinion has overruled part of the state's preliminary objections to the lawsuit, signaling the way AdultBasic was slashed could still be deemed unconstitutional.

Senate Minority Leader Jay Costa said all that's known now is there's still hope for the people behind the lawsuit. "But it all ties back into work that's being done here, today, and this week, as it relates to the use of the fiscal code, and that's what the court is pointing to," Costa said.

Senate Republicans spokesperson Erik Arneson said the opinion is still under review and an appeal is being considered.

"This does not change anything in terms of our planning for this year's budget, in terms of how we will proceed with this year's budget," said Arneson.