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Shadyside Hospital to Host Integrated Cancer Wellness Fair

For cancer patients, the burden of treatment can be so heavy that their overall quality of life is overlooked as recovery takes precedence. Elements of wellness such as movement, touch, nutrition, and mindfulness will be addressed by The Hillman Cancer Center at its inaugural Integrated Cancer Wellness Fair on October 23 at UPMC Shadyside Hospital.

More than 25 various service providers will demonstrate different techniques meant to improve quality of life for cancer patients. Experts in yoga, massage, acupuncture, meditation, art, nutrition, and more will educate patients about the benefits of their services.

The fair is being organized by Dr. Lanie Francis, a Medical Oncologist at the Hillman Center.

“In my opinion many of these services really address symptoms and improve quality of life,” says Dr. Lanie Francis, Medical Oncologist and event organizer, “and though the data is somewhat mixed in the empiric way that we look at it for things like drugs and other interventions, I certainly think that in a supportive and safe environment that these are very beneficial services.”

According to Dr. Francis many of these approaches are meant to focus on the connection between mind and body. None of the methods are meant to replace any prescribed treatment plans, only to form a cooperative effort for comprehensive wellness while battling cancer.

Francis says, it should only take about 45 minutes for patients to get all the information they need, “They should just really be bringing an open mind. We’re really trying to expose them so we really kind of want to do the work,” Francis Says, “We have over 25 providers and people that are really enthusiastic about kind of crossing this bridge.”

The Hillman Center hopes the fair will allow them to gather information concerning their patient’s needs, while simultaneously exposing them to additional methods of wellness.