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Map Shows Pittsburgh Neighborhoods Where More Insurance Help Is Needed

Enroll America

As the deadline to sign up for the Affordable Care Act approaches, the activist group Enroll America has released a series of maps it hopes will help administrators better understand where to focus their efforts.

The map of Pittsburgh shows that some of the largest concentrations of uninsured can be found in East End and Hill District.

“Well what we do is we meet the consumer where they are. We spend our time in the communities and we start to tell them things about the Affordable Care Act … We are seeing lots and lots of people are getting covered for under 100 dollars a month,” said Bill England, state director for Enroll America.

Along with showing the concentration uninsured it also shows where centers have been set up to get individuals enrolled. England said that these maps are one of the many tools their organization uses to better understand how to get people to sign up for health insurance.

“Health insurance is important because it acts like a passport. Those who have health coverage are able to go and get a wide range of services including prevention checkups, and things like this and God forbid you have an accident or fall ill you’re covered,” England said.

With only five weeks left to reach out to those who have no health insurance, Enroll America is also looking for more volunteers.

The deadline to sign up for the Affordable Care Act’s health insurance is March 31.