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Last Chance Summer Fitness Events


Before summer comes to a close and the autumn chill is in the air, there are plenty of outdoor activities for you to enjoy. Joe Vennare, co-founder of the online fitness and health magazine Fittsburgh, offers suggestions for some upcoming fitness events you may enjoy. “There’s something for everyone,” Vennare explains.

“Coming up is Pedal Pittsburgh, and they have three different events: a ride around town for the family that’s shorter, one for intermediate riders and one that goes up to 60 miles for more advanced riders. Same thing with something like the Great Race coming up here. … That’s a 5K run and walk -- but also [there is] the 10k, which is a little bit farther and more competitive.”

Whether you prefer the intense 10k competition at the Great Race or the more lighthearted Donut Dash hosted by Carnegie Mellon, Pittsburgh still has plenty of fitness events in store; get more information on local fitness events by visiting the Fittsburghwebsite.