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PA Monitoring Possible Ebola Cases Without Quarantine Policy

No one in Pennsylvania has been diagnosed with the Ebola virus, but the state is closely watching possible cases under the direction of the federal Centers for Disease Control.

Pennsylvania is monitoring about 105 people for Ebola symptoms, based on updates from the CDC. The state is among six directed to work with the CDC to monitor travelers from West African countries in the throes of an Ebola outbreak. Travelers are screened at five airports outside of Pennsylvania and monitored if they continue on to the commonwealth.
Governor Corbett said Monday the state does not have an Ebola quarantine policy.

“We have been talking to all the different hospitals. The hospitals are prepared. The issue of quarantine right now goes to where they’re coming into,” said Corbett. “And they’re coming into the five airports. So they’re kind of stopped right there at this point in time.”

Corbett added that the three Pennsylvanians who shared a flight with a nurse later diagnosed with the virus have returned to the state. He said they are without symptoms and are staying in their homes until the end of the virus’s 21-day incubation period.