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Winter Travel Destinations

Elaine Labalme

As the temperatures plummet, how many of us don’t pass some of our time dreaming of relaxing on a warm, sandy beach?

Elaine Labalme, who tweets about food and travel under the Twitter handle New Girl in Town, joins us to suggest beach destinations you can escape to this winter.

New Girl says either near or far, the ocean is the goal. Options are available to drive or fly to desired destinations.

Recently, New Girl has traveled to the Outer Banks, NC where she had an overall great experience. This beach is on its off-season where there are mild temperatures and the beaches are quiet and sweet. The Sanderling Resort is located in the Outer Banks and offers oceanfront views and luxury amenities for its guests.

Further north in Cape Cod, Massachusetts she says the cape does not get any snow, no matter the season because the temperatures are mild. Old Manse Inn offers a bed and breakfast in this “Sea Captains Town.” There is a short walk to the Cape Cod Bay along with discounts for all amenities included.

Traveling the Caribbean by cruise is the easiest way to go. New Girl tells us to take the seven day cruise over three or four days to receive the full experience. The temperatures are perfect 80-90 degree days.  New Girl suggests to try to get the newest ship on cruise line with either Royal Caribbean or Carnival.

“Just do it.”