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Ways to Combat Underage Drinking on College Campuses

The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board is working with four universities to combat underage drinking. One of the schools taking part is Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

We’ll find out what the university is doing to address this problem with Ann Sesti, Assistant director for IUP's alcohol, tobacco and other drugs program in the Center for Health and Well-Being.

Also taking part in the conversation is Ken Healy, alcohol education specialist with the PA Liquor Control Board Education Office.

Ken Healy responds to a listener’s tweet, which adds a new layer to our discussion:

“What we need to look at is that the adolescent brain does not fully become developed until about age 25. So these individuals coming into college 18, 19 years of age… their brain is not fully matured yet, so they will make decisions that normally individuals in their late 20’s and 30’s and 40’s will not make related to alcohol.”

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