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Expecting a Baby? UPMC's Magee Has an App for That

Magee-Womens Hospital of UPMC launched the MyMageePregnancy app about three weeks ago, which is available on the hospital's Facebook page.  

Spokeswoman Courtney McCrimmon said the app has already received more than 2000 views. Although some of the information applies specifically to Magee patients, the website has general information and is accessible to anyone.

McCrimmon said Magee created the app because some information on the web is not reliable.  

"We really wanted to provide women with doctor-informed content about what was happening as their babies develop and what was happening with their own bodies as well," she said. "This app was fully informed by Magee doctors so when women access it, they can know that it's doctor-created." 

There's month-to-month information and advice about pregnancy, from nausea in the early months to prenatal tests, delivery information and choosing a pediatrician. The baby's growth and development are detailed, for example, "By the end of the fifth month your baby may be the length of an ear of corn. You may begin to feel your baby move," said McCrimmon.

Plus, McCrimmon said the information may engender further conversations between moms and their doctors to help them understand their bodies and their babies over the course of their pregnancies.