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UPMC Adds Skin Care To Telehealth Offerings

Next time a weird rash, mole or freckle appears, you may be able to snap a picture of it, upload it and get a dermatologist to tell you what it is and if you should be worried.

Dermatologists at UPMC have developed a platform that lets people submit their symptoms and photos. Within 72 hours, they’ll receive a diagnosis and treatment and medication plan – or orders to come in and see a doctor.

The service will cost up to $49.

Other similar programs exist elsewhere. It was originated in the military, according to Joseph English, a dermatologist at UPMC who helped develop the service.

UPMC has used tele-dermatology for the better part of a decade, but prior to this, only primary care physicians sent photos to dermatologists.

“It’s a way of helping hospitals who don’t have certain specialists to get specialty care to people who wouldn’t normally get it,” English said. “Also people who can’t get access to a dermatologist can easily get to it via this technique."

The platform is currently available to UPMC patients. English said they hope to open it up to anyone in Pennsylvania.