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Cleveland Abduction Case: Returning to Normalcy

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Three Ohio women who went missing ten years ago were found Monday, after one of them broke away from their captor and a neighbor spotted her. Police say Amanda Berry, 27, Gina DeJesus, 23 and Michelle Knight, 32 were held inside the home of Ariel Castro since they were in their teens and early 20's.

Castro and two of his brothers are in police custody. The three women were taken to a local hospital and have been reunited with their families.

So how do you help a person recover after they've been detached from society for so many years? How can a person get back to a life of normalcy?

Guests David Barnett WCPN Reporter in Cleveland, Ohio Jim McGee A forensic psychologist and former special consultant to the FBI, handling hostage situations, rescues and kidnapping

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