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IRS Scrutiny of Conservative Groups In Pennsylvania


President Barack Obama announced Wednesday that his administration had sought and accepted Steven Miller's resignation as interim commissioner of the IRS. The announcement came after news that IRS employees inappropriately targeted conservative and Tea Party advocacy groups.

Jennifer Stefano, tried to start an advocacy group, The Loyal Opposition. It was one of at least three conservative groups in Pennsylvania to receive extra scrutiny from the IRS.

Stefano told the Patriot News,  “I like to think of myself as very tough, but I'm ashamed to say I was intimidated and frightened, and I shut it down.”

Opponents of the Obama administration are suggesting that the IRS was used to target political opponents. President Obama told the press, "I am angry about it" and said the American people had a right to be angry as well. So how did this situation come about and what do we know about the way advocacy groups have been taxed here in PA?

Guest: Richard Rubin, Tax Policy Reporter for Bloomberg News, Jennifer Stefano, State Director of Americans for Prosperity-Pennsylvania, and Tim Cavanaugh, Columnist for The Reason

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