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Visiting Disney with the New Girl


Each year millions of tourists flock to Florida to soak up the sun on the beach or visit one of its many family friendly destinations. Trips to Disney World have become time honored trips for many families across the nation, and Essential Pittsburgh travel contributor Elaine Labalme is no exception. According to the seasoned traveler, Disney World always has plenty to offer, and has continued to impress throughout her many trips.

What is it about Disney World that keeps her coming back? Cleanliness has a lot to do with it.

"The place is spotless. Always." Labalme says. It's a factor that makes a huge difference and separates the famed theme park from comparable spots around the country.

Another factor is what Labalme calls the "suspended animation and location" of the place. Disney World doesn't feel like the outskirts of Orlando, Florida. It simply feels like Disney World, "a place unto itself," as she puts it.

But so many other tourists packing the theme park, how does one get the most out of their Disney vacation?

Labalme laid out a few steps to doing Disney World right. First, take advantage of Disney's "Extra Magic Hours," extended hours at certain theme parks that allow participants to show up before or stay after the crowds have left.

Then, "do the mountains first," says Labalme, which refers to rides such as Space Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain.

Finally, after making time for an afternoon nap, she says, remember to never neglect the classics, like Pirates of the Carribean "It's a ride that never, ever gets old."

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