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FutureDerm and the Science Behind Beauty Products


Nicki Zevola has been teaching the real science behind beauty products with her popular blog since 2007. When it was time to launch FutureDerm, her own line of beauty products, Zevola already had a loyal following.


While taking time off from medical school, Zevola began working with AlphaLab startup accelerator and Innovation Works investors.

Terri Glueck, Director of Communications and Community Development at Innovation Works, helps coach starting entrepreneurs and spent time mentoring and training Zevola for her role as CEO of FutureDerm.

The evolving beauty product industry in the United States, which is almost exclusively targeted at women, compelled Zevola to begin blogging. She explains that the average woman in the United States is more educated and empowered than ever before, but still spends an excessive amount of time and money on beauty products. Zevola focuses on the curious female consumer by providing scientifically based research that debunks many beauty myths and offering a different perspective on make-up advice.

“In science, your ability to succeed is largely based on your ability to be a skeptic,” Zevola says.

Terri Glueck explains that Zevola is a poster child for the kind of entrepreneurs AlphaLab and Innovation Works look to promote. Zevola already understood her consumer, and her product could be easily produced and introduced to the market in a short amount of time. According to Glueck, AlphaLab trains new business owners in how to hire good employees, communicate efficiently with other businesses and successfully market a product. To be a good entrepreneur, Glueck says, it is best to be “tenacious, curious and coachable.”

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