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Bob Dvorchak on Steroids in Baseball

Bob Dvorchak
Sports n'at

Professional sports have an extensive history with performance enhancing drugs. From a mandatory training supplement to a pill that can lead to professional suspension, steroids have always been prevalent. But each sport has dealt with users differently. Bob Dvorchak, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Sports Writer Emeritus, says while major sports are implementing tough drug tests and punishments for users, steroids won’t be out of the athletic scene any time soon.

Steroids were first introduced to US Olympic weightlifters in the 1930’s, he explains. Soon after, the San Diego Chargers were supplied with the steroid, Dianabol to supplement their training. Many believe the use of steroids helped the Chargers win the 1963 Superbowl.

Out of the 13 players that Major League Baseball recently suspended, many were linked to an anti-aging Biogenesis center. Players will receive a 50 game penalty with no pay, and, according to Dvorchak, the men are taking the penalties immediately so they will be back on the team in time for the playoffs. The MLB is the last major sport to implement thorough drug tests. Dvorchak is weary of the punishment.

“This begs the question: is this penalty severe enough?”

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