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Pat Toomey Talks Taxes, Immigration


Even though congress is currently in recess, that doesn’t mean U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey isn’t busy grappling with the numerous issues the legislature faces upon its return.

Toomey has focused on a number of efforts including tax code reform and retooling the nation’s immigration policy.

Toomey’s efforts in the realm of tax code revolve largely around the nation’s high corporate tax rate, which he claims provides a disincentive for companies to base themselves in the US. Toomey’s solution involves broadening the base by closing pre-existing tax loopholes for many companies based here, and using the increased revenue to justify reducing the overall rate. However, Toomey is skeptical that his hopes for reform will be realized in the near future.

“It takes strong presidential leadership to get this done, and I don’t think this is a high priority for the president,” Toomey says.

On the topic of immigration, the Senator defended his decision to vote against recent immigration reform legislation, saying “the bill does a mediocre job addressing the high skilled segment of the [immigrant] workforce.” He goes on to say,“the bill is ridiculously insufficient” in providing a path to citizenship for unskilled workers.

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