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Recreational Opportunities Abound in Pittsburgh

Lindsay Dill
City of Play

San Francisco-based researchers, NerdWallet recently released a study that puts Pittsburgh in the top ten of best cities for recreational activity in the nation.

According to NerdWallet senior analyst Divya Raghavan, Pittsburgh’s high standing is due to a number of recreational opportunities.

Raghavan specifically notes Pittsburgh’s Parks and Recreation Department, which she says “values providing options for its residents.”

Raghavan says Pittsburgh’s high-ranking status is in the city’s best interest, as it creates a more family-friendly atmosphere that attracts new homeowners and investors.

On the other side of the recreational coin, the group City of Play tries to bring Pittsburgh's recreational benefits to adults. Founder Adam Nelson says it is simplistic to define the city’s recreational facilities as being geared towards a younger generation.

“City of Play is really in the business of creating opportunities for grown-ups to play as if they were kids,” says Nelson.

Next weekend marks the City of Play Best Games Festival, a showcase of the ten best games featured at other festivals around the country. Playing with other people in games such as these provides participants with benefits beyond the physical. According to Nelson, the games provide immediate connections between the players.

“If you and I play a game together, even if we have nothing else in common, we suddenly have the game in common,” Nelson explains. “This game becomes the communication between us.”

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