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The Crisis in Syria, from a Pittsburgh Perspective

Syrian American Medical Society

Dr. Basel Termanini, Syrian American Medical Society Pittsburgh Chapter President, was born and grew up in Aleppo, Syria. Dr. Termanini has lived in Pittsburgh for 16 years and has visited his home country almost every summer with his family.

During his most recent visits, he says security and government corruption have been worse than ever before. Dr. Termanini feels much more comfortable in areas that are not controlled by the Syrian government. One of the biggest problems Syrian citizens face is government issued air strikes at medical facilities.

He says in Syria and Turkey people were “horrified but not shocked” to see the government using a chemical attack on August 21. Dr. Termanini and other Syrian-Americans are hoping that the United States or the International community will intervene and empower the free Syrian army.

Dr. Termanini says he believes, “an attack by the US or the international community is going to stop this nonsense killing that’s been happening for two and a half years in Syria.”

He goes on to say, “just a single tomahawk missile will shorten the lifespan of the dictator by one week.”

According to Dr. Termanini the Syrian Crisis is not comparable to Iraq, as Syria is not setting up the beginning of a war or starting a new war. He says they just need help bringing it to an end.

President Obama will address the nation on Syria at 9pm tonight on 90.5 WESA.

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