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The Top Stories of 2013 for Pittsburgh Magazine

Joseph A.

Billed as everything that makes Pittsburgh awesome, Pittsburgh Magazine’s 412 Blog is a combined effort by the publication’s staffers covering up to the minute trends and stories. While it’s a new year, we’ve invited Sean Conboy, online editor to tell us about three of the most popular stories on that appeared on the 412 blog in 2013.

One of those stories was about the Pittsburgh city, Braddock.

"Braddock's a really perfect metaphor for what made Pittsburgh so interesting in 2013. In many ways its a nice intersection of old Pittsburgh and new Pittsburgh.  You've got old Pittsburgh values and you've got new Pittsburgh ideas kind of at work in the town.  And I think probably as many of your listeners know, Braddock's a classic case of post-industrial downfall, you've got a town that had 20,000 workers in the 1920's and now its down to about 2,000 residents and a lot of these people live below the poverty line. And so this would be a place that would traditionally be ignored in America.  However it's also a town, and I think Hollywood has agreed with this, has a very specific kind of industrial beauty and romance."

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