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Crafting a Great Love Story with StoryCorps' David Isay

Everyone enjoys a good love story and Dave Isay knows that.

That’s why the founder of StoryCorps wrote the book, All There Is: Love Stories from StoryCorps.

The oral history project documents everyday people sharing stories about their lives.

Isay believes that there is not much difference between what makes a good story and what makes a good love story.

“Part of the power of StoryCorps is that you hear people being authentic with each other. Nobody comes to StoryCorps to get rich nobody comes to get famous so in a way it’s kind of the opposite of reality TV. And I would say that those stories to me aren’t great stories. But, I think a story that’s authentically told, that’s told out with heart and passion and a little bit of drama mixed in certainly makes for a fantastic story.”

The book, All There Is: Love Stories from StoryCorps, includes portraits at the end of each story and Isay says the pictures serve as a reminder for him.

"If you think you can judge someone's internal life by the way they look you're always, always going to be wrong."

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