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The Chair: One Movie Script, One City, Two Directors

One feature film, two directors, a pool of equal resources and the city of Pittsburgh.

This is the premise of a new documentary series titled The Chair starting production this month.

Chris Moore, creator of Project Greenlight and producer of movies such as Good Will Hunting and Promised Land, developed the idea for the series.

Moore has reached out to directors Shane Dawson and Anna Martemucci to see what direction a single production can take under different directors

“It lets us have an intellectual argument of, ‘what does a director really bring and how does it work?’ I think the other thing is to show how collaborative movie making is and how they work with their crews and their actors and what goes on. So for the documentary, we want to portray an honest experience of the two of them making a movie for the experiment and showing the contrast is great.”

Many of the actors participating in the collaborative production will be students and alumni of Point Park University. Cinema Chair Nelson Chipman says this opportunity is the perfect way for students to bridge their academic experiences with professional engagement while they’re still students.

Chipman and Moore agree that the city is aesthetically ideal for cinematic productions, based on its architecture and diverse geography. The two hope the production will be successful enough for a second season.

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