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Straight Talk with Gubernatorial Candidate Rob McCord

Marcus Charleston
90.5 WESA

While there is no clear cut favorite in the Pennsylvania Democratic race for governor, polls indicate that State Treasurer Rob McCord has emerged as the “de facto” front runner.

The Ardmore, PA native says he is fortunate to have a useful blend of knowledge when it comes to running the Commonwealth.

He says his financial cognizance along with his desire and ability to communicate with constituents statewide will set him apart from the other candidates.

“I intend to be the governor that loves Pittsburgh back,” says McCord. Here are some of his views on energy, green jobs, public schools, and working with Pittsburgh's politicians. On working with Peduto:

“What’s exciting about Mayor Peduto is he reminds us that the business world needs smart government. Honest government that’s also high energy and innovative can make a big difference.” He is inspired by Peduto’s enthusiasm and his current work recruiting women to serve on corporate boards.

On State School Investment:

As someone who went through the Pennsylvania Public School system, he says he's devoted to investing more into public education, including restoring the reputation of Penn State.

On Transporting Hazardous Materials in Pennsylvania:

The State Treasurer feels Governor Corbett is “behaving as a subsidiary of the right wing energy interests,” but says Corbett may not be “intellectually vigorous” enough to recognize the manipulation. McCord says he intends to hold companies fully responsible for any liabilities while continuing to invest money in more environmental jobs.

On Energy Efficient Buildings & Green Jobs:

During his time as State Treasurer, McCord says he's been able to create programs and incentives for families and businesses that reduce the carbon footprint and ultimately save Pennsylvanians money.  These innovations pay for themselves rapidly and ensure a very low default rate.

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