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Jason Collins Gets a Chance and Makes History

NBA center, Jason Collins walked onto the court Sunday after signing a 10-day contract with the Brooklyn Nets. As he checked into the game in the second quarter, Collins became the first openly gay man to play one of the nation's four major professional sports.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette sportswriter emeritus Bob Dvorchak says on the part of the Brooklyn Nets, the signing was not made just to make history.

“The Brooklyn team had just made a trade and needed a center, and Jason Collins was available. So they filled a need by signing a former center, and putting him into the game last night. A pure basketball move. History was made of course in the larger sense and I hope we can all move on now,” he said.

Dvorchak went on to say, "I wish I could say that everything was going to be perfect from here on out, but we both know that to be false. He’s gotten warm receptions. He was at the State of the Union Address as Michelle Obama’s guest. He’s gotten encouragement and congratulations for coming out, but of course we know that there are going to be some push back and negative comments thrown his way, but you know what? That’s the life of a professional basketball player, of a public person.”

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