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Why You Should Keep a Career Journal

Many people keep personal journals to document important moments or help organize their thoughts. However, many people do not keep a career journal.

Sasha King, an independent career consultant, believes that career journals are useful tools.

“Career journaling is looking at your work life and looking at what you’re doing everyday on the job, what your goals are, or if you need to take some kind of a career transition,” she said.

There are many types of journals that are helpful for organizing, innovative ideas, or improving a person’s work efficiency.

“What research has shown us is that people who constantly keep track of their small wins everyday, and what do I mean by small wins? I mean, things that you accomplished in the day that you didn’t expect to or things that you have accomplished on a project. So keeping track of those things actually helps you figure out 'how do I get more of these things done?'”

She also says tracking ideas or inspirational moments helps maintain organization and creates accountability for “people who are key to being innovative to their fields.”

“One of the things that we know in terms of accomplishing a task or even setting up a goal, people who write things down and go back to it are more likely to accomplish what they need.”

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